List of office desks stores in Kenya 2024

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When you are looking for the best office desks to set up your workplace office or home office you need to get the best deals on office desks and office furniture to ensure your pocket does not empty at once.

We have researched the best office desks furniture stores in Nairobi Kenya and come up with a list of office desks stores that stock the best and most affordable office furniture in Kenya.

Not that we are affiliated with these office desks sellers in Kenya, our aim is to just provide you with the contacts and websites of these furniture shops available in Kenya so that you can get the best deals on almost all furniture equipment but specifically office desks furniture.

The following is a list of the best office desks stores in Kenya 2022.

1. Nairobi Mart – Bicycle & Furniture Store

Nairobi Mart is a leading bicycle shop and a furniture store in Kenya dealing with kid’s bicycles, mountain bicycles, children’s tricycles, children’s electric motorcycles, office furniture i.e. office desks, office chairs, office drawers, and general furniture store for all your furniture needs.

Phone: 0769718200


2. Furniture Elegance store

Furniture elegance is also another leading furniture store in Nairobi Kenya. They deal exclusively on general furniture. You will find office furniture, home furniture, sofa seats, authentic beds, office chairs, office desks etc.

Their prices are a little bit pricey so you should do your research before coming up with a proper decision.

Phone: 0702842500


3. Fair Deal Furniture Store

Fair Deal furniture store is a great store for your office desks and chairs, home furniture and appliances.

It is also a great furniture store selling office desks to get your office in order. Check out their website for prices and more furniture deals.


4. Dignity Furniture Store

Dignity furniture store is one of the most known furniture stores, they deal in office desks, office chairs, and general furniture including home furniture and kitchen design.

Get amazing office desks designs that will make your office look fantastic and appealing to your corporate clients.

They have 3 different stores located in different areas in Kenya. (Lang’ata, Mlolongo & Thika)

Phone: 0754 666 333 | 0727 613 883


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5. Copyrite Furniture Kenya store

Copyrite furniture store is also a great store to check out for amazing office desks and office desks designs.

They have a wide variety of furniture equipment that might get you interested to shop there.

They also restock office chairs not only office desks.

Phone: +254 722 516 017


6. Odds Kenya Furniture Store

Odds Furniture store is one of the most authentic furniture stores in Kenya known for its amazing and modern furniture designs, you can get any furniture equipment in their outlets.

They have the most advanced furniture from office desks, office furniture, and home furniture.

However, be ready to cough out big money since unique and attractive furniture does not come cheap.

Phone: +254 737 771717


7. Office Mart Furniture Store

Office Mart is another awesome furniture store in Nairobi Kenya serving you with great offers on office desks and general furniture from office furniture to home furniture to bar furniture and textbook center for all textbook needs in Kenya.


8. Victoria Furniture Store

Victoria Furniture store is a great outlet for various reasons. They restock and have great furniture products like; office chairs, office desks, office sofas, reception desks, safes and storage equipment, height-adjustable tables, and general office accessories.


Phone: 0770 876 140

9. Furniture Palace Store

Furniture palace is a great well-known furniture store located in Nairobi Kenya. They stock all types of furniture from office desks to home furniture and general furniture.

Phone: +254791777000


10. Furniture Choice Store

Furniture choice is also a great furniture store when it comes to office desks and other types of furniture.

They have curved office desks to improve your office’s general outlook.

Phone: +254 717 777 813



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