Best wooden bed designs in Kenya & Prices

If you are looking for a wooden bed design in Kenya which comes with the best prices ever, do your research since there are some great bed designs available in Nairobi Kenya that could suit your bed design and be still affordable. There are many wooden bed designs that can ought for when looking for bed designs in Kenya. Classic Wooden Bed Design This is a new design that Kenyan manufacturers have started working on and it’s very good looking and durable. Ensure your…

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List of office desks stores in Kenya 2024

When you are looking for the best office desks to set up your workplace office or home office you need to get the best deals on office desks and office furniture to ensure your pocket does not empty at once. We have researched the best office desks furniture stores in Nairobi Kenya and come up with a list of office desks stores that stock the best and most affordable office furniture in Kenya. Not that we are affiliated with these office desks sellers in…

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Best Dry cell car battery shops in Kenya 2024

There are several brands of a car battery in Kenya. Also, these brands have their benefits and disadvantages when it comes to usage. Some of the car batteries brands that exist in the Kenyan market are: Chloride Exide batteries Amaron batteries Starmax batteries Varta batteries Yuasa batteries Aokly batteries There are also many shops around Nairobi Kenya that sell dry cell car batteries for use in solar systems and motor vehicles.   Dry cell car battery price in kenya|One of the best shops are…