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New Strong Hanson Scales 100kgs, 150kgs, 200kgs

New Hanson Scales For Sale in Kenya

  • This heavy duty portable hanging hanson scale can be used for weighing your luggage or any item with a maximum weight of (200kg). It is a useful tool for home, travel and outdoor activities.
  • It features an easy to read large displays weight in kgs/lbs and combines tare data lock functions. It has a accuracy of 10gm with multiple weighing units in kg/lb. /oz.
  • hanson hanging scales in kenya
  • It can hold automatic reading and indicates over load weighing with auto shut off function
  • Round spring balances
  • Maximum weight 200kg
  • Suspended weighing scale
  • 100kgs=ksh.2000
  • 150kgs=ksh. 2500
  • 200kgs=ksh. 3000
  • Welcome to our store and purchase hanson scales




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