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New Durable Bicycle Size 24

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This quality bike that will serve the bubbly child for many years. Beautiful mountain bike to look at and be seen in. Durable and hardy to mechanical shocks due to its fantastic steel frame. This bicycle comes with fitted gears to ensure fast cycling. It has strong wheels to help in propelling properly in all types of roads.

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As always, cyclists prefer drinking water during their exercise. Thus, this bicycle comes fitted with a water bottle to help you stay hydrated all day long. The color of the bicycle is unique and attractive especially for cyclists who prefer simple and clear colors on the mountain bicycles.

The head, saddle and pedals are all fully matching the overall outlook of the bicycle to ensure this galaxy bicycle is authentic. We also have spare parts of all mountain bicycles incase you happen to encounter an accident. If you bought a bicycle from us, we will ensure you receive discounts during purchase.

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We are the best bicycle shops in Nairobi Kenya. We also have other bicycles brands that are worth sampling like Apollo bicycle. We also have kids tricycles for sale for kids aged 1-4 years. Bicycles for 2 year old’s are also available in our store.

This bicycle has the best weight to support speed and enhance easy cycling during workouts. We ensure the bicycle is well tested and all parts fully checked to avoid later damages or loss of some parts.

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